Spinning Workshops

spinning handsAs a fiber artist Alanna is constantly excited and inspired to learn new techniques. Learning from those that have great tips and tricks makes more Ah-ha! moments happen. Her passion is to share what she knows so that you too can have Ah-ha! moments.

As an educator Alanna strives to create the best possible experience for her students. She puts a great deal of time into crafting clear, fun, and information packed workshops. It is always her goal for you to leave feeling confident and inspired!

Spinning is Alanna’s area of expertise, but having worked with yarn, thread, and fabric her whole life, she enjoys bouncing from medium to medium and technique to technique further pushing the boundaries of what she knows.

Beginner Level:

beginner spinning.jpg

Intermediate Level:


Intermediate-Advanced Level:

Novelty yarns - Core, Knots & Beads